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  Is Jogging Safe for Heart Patients?  

Although heart patients are encouraged to walk, is it safe for them to jog? After all, there is only a minimal difference between brisk walking and jogging. The thing to remember is that different patients have different degrees of heart problems. It is important to remember that the cardiologist is the one who knows fully how serious a patient's condition is. While one patient may be perfectly fine with jogging, another one may only allow brisk or even leisurely walking. The final answer falls under knowing how much stress an individual patient's heart can take based on the health of that patient only.

Regardless of how well you may feel, never undertake jogging without the permission of your doctor. There may be any number of reasons your doctor does not want you to jog, especially if you have undergone heart surgery. It takes time to heal, and only your doctor can determine at one point you are healed enough to participate in jogging. It is by far more strenuous than just walking, so you do not want to jog until and unless your doctor approves. An exercise that is as healthy as jogging is not necessarily healthy for everyone and thus may cause health problems rather than create a healthier body.

What if your doctor does not tell you whether you can jog or not after a heart attack or heart surgery, like any diet or exercise routine, do you participate unless you consult your doctor first? You need to speak to your doctor and let him know the exercise routine you wish to perform, and he will let you know if you can do it. If he tells you no, you are free to question his reasons but under no circumstances should you make your own decision about it. Remember, the doctor has all of your health records including EKGs, so you need to trust his best judgment. Even if he tells you that you are limited to walk leisurely for the rest of your life, you must accept that he is doing what is best for you.

Even if you have not had a heart attack but have a heart condition that may have an effect by jogging, always ask your doctor before you participate. Only your doctor knows the factors that may affect your heart condition and/or make it worse. Do not be fooled into thinking jogging is healthy for everyone because there are conditions under which that may not be the case.

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The Importance Of Stress Management

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