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  Developing a Jogging Routine  

Before you begin jogging, you want to develop a routine that combines jogging with walking or running. Although jogging is fine in itself, a combination of other aerobic exercise is much better on the body. Jogging is a good way to develop a slow and rhythmic pace but it can also be bad on the calves and knees if you are not careful. That is one reason it's better to try to combine jogging with running or walking. If possible, try to do your jogging on a soft, or at least smooth, surface. The softer the surface on which you jog the easier it will be on your legs. Of course, it can be difficult to jog on grass unless it is solid, so the time of year you are attempting to jog will have a huge impact on where you can jog.

You want to develop a routine that does not cause you to run the risk of injury. That means stopping when your body has told you that you have had enough. Even if you develop a routine that calls for one hour per day, let your knees and legs be the guide. If they are beginning to hurt, do not continue insisting you are going to meet your goals. Continuing when you are experiencing pain can be detrimental to your health.

The idea of jogging is to develop and participate in a healthy activity that allows you to burn calories and increase your heart rate. That does not mean you have to cause health problems for yourself in the meantime by any means. You can gradually build to a pace your body can tolerate, there is no need to do it all in one day or even a week. While some people may be able to develop a good routine in a week, it may take others a couple of weeks or even a month.

The level of tolerance for each person will be different which is why you cannot develop your routine based upon any general set of rules. You also cannot follow someone else's guidelines about how long you should jog or how long it should take you to be able to reach your ultimate goal. No two people are alike and you have to follow your own body and tolerances. If you attempt to push yourself beyond your body's tolerances, you will defeat the purpose of your jogging routine.

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